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Dynamic HTML

Dynamic HTML enables you to change a web page after the initial load. Changes can be preset at timed intervals or based on a visitors action or a combination of both.

Motion Effects

Bring your web pages to life with a motion effect, that can be moving images or moving text - like the client list to the above right, because this moves a small amount every 1/20 of a second this gives a very smooth effect. Motion effects are created by text scripts, so quick to load as they do not involve downloading video.


Sveiki!   Alo!


A multi language table of hello's above, with a 30 second cycle time, changing every 7½ seconds. A warning though, its tempting to make the effect to quick, which can take too much attention from the rest of the page.

Interactive Websites

Interactive actions can be based on events like:

  • On click
  • On mouse over
  • On touch
  • On key stroke

See the 'On Click' (also 'On Touch' for touch screen sensitive devices) example to the right. This gives the option to turn the face on the right into another face and with another click/touch back to the original face.

See a simple mouse over effect at Lessons 4U or for a more complex example of an interactive website see the Deal or No Deal Simulation.

These dynamic changes to a web page can add interest and life to a page, the simplest of these effects are easy to put on a page so do ask for a quote if you would like a dynamic effect on your web page.

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