Hosting Costs

Domains &
£34 - 2 years
£24 - 1 year 

.uk, .com, .net ,org & .eu
£28 - 1 year 

.biz, .info, .me & others
on request

Discounts are available on
3 or more domains

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Bristol PC Web Hosting

Web Hosting covers the server hardware and communications (band width costs) needed to run your web site as well as the domain name registration fee for your domain name. Website hosting charges are shown to the right - all include domain name registration.

If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere and require hosting only, this costs £12 pa for all domain types. Note that the you will need to change the name servers with the supplier who has registered your domain.

Hosting is highly competitive, there is no charge (from me) if you decide to move your website (domain name) to another supplier.

Video and Audio

Usually large video and audio files are hosted via 3rd party suppliers like Youtube. There is rarely a need to host them directly, but contact me if you you want them hosted directly.

FTP access

FTP access to change your own website costs £15 pa.

If you use FTP on a web site hosted by Web Designs Bristol. The right to remove pornography or another material deemed unsuitable is reserved. In such cases FTP access will also be removed.

Feel free to contact me for more details on hosting.

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