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Bristol PC Website Maintenance

Many sites are fairly static with few if any changes. There is no need to do anything until you need a change to your website.

If you need a change just get in touch to buy a block of pre-paid maintenance.

Pre-paid Maintenance

Pre-Payment enables me to cover multiple changes to a website with one invoice. You can save your maintenance time and save yourself money by supplying text and photo electronically and by giving clear instructions.

For example change 'this block of text' for 'another block of text' on the home page. A simple change where text can just be cut and paste in a single operation can take as little as 5 minutes.

  • Minimum time for a change is just 5 minutes: typically this is for cut and paste text changes.
  • No expiry date: buy ½, 1 hour or more of maintenance time. It only expires when you have used the full maintenance time.
  • Itemised list of work done: A list of changes made to date is maintained and sent on request or when you have have used the amount of pre paid time.
  • One pre-payment can cover multiple websites: just call off the changes you need.
  • Remember charges are based on time, so give the page name and describe what to change on the page. If I have to search for what to change its all time!

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