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Bristol PC SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

For any website wanting visitors from the search engines, Search engine optimisation is not an added extra but something that should be involved at the original design stage. That's why it is included as standard for no extra cost on all new websites apart from the simplest one page websites.

Each page can be used to target a different set of key words, usually with the home page targeting the most important set of keywords. So it makes sense to split the material of your website into multiple pages. With each page staying on topic about the product, service, feature or selling point.

The SEO process involves identifying those key words and also the level of competition on those words to decide, which words to target.

Website Promotion

For new websites promotion is not an added extra but is included as standard for all websites apart from the basic one page websites, even there I usually recommend this option if search engine visitors need to be an important source of visitors.

Each link to a website is viewed by the search engine as a vote of confidence in the website. Relevant links and links from popular websites are the most important. After the initial set-up logon and password information for all links is passed on to clients.

Search engines consider these links when they order there results in there search results. So a website with more links, especially relevant and popular links will usually do better than one without links.

For an existing website: promotion by link building costs £15 per ½ hour.

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