Website Design

Design Cost

8 page website £159

4 page website £84 

1 page website £40 

Costs for stock photos & graphic design work is not included in the guideline prices above.

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Bristol PC Website Design

Website Design is based on discussions with you and on any text, graphics, audio & video material that you supply. Website layouts are designed to complement the information - text, graphics and any other material, themes or styles that you want published on the web and is never forced into a template.

Today most websites are 'responsive' in htat they adjust the screen width to fit the device they are viewed on. Design Costs guidelines shown are for responsive sites, if you would like to see examples or if you need the simpler fixed width style of websites please contact me.

Its important to create a 'look and feel' for a website to make navigation obvious and easy to use. With your material well presented, easy to read and with the most important text 'visible' to both human and search engine visitors.

Style sheets ('css files') are used to simplify layout, meaning that one change to a style sheet can change the look of the whole website, helping keep costs low.

If you want help writing text for your page(s), want stock photos or graphic design options, use the contact page.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) advice and promotion (getting links to your website) is included as standard on all websites, apart from the one page website package where they are optional extras.

For the large majority of websites I keep to the guideline costs see above right. Its not however possible to give a fixed price without discussing what you want and seeing the material you want to put online.

With websites today viewed on a wide variety of devices like PC's, laptops, mobiles and tablets. Designs are tested on a variety of devices and browsers to ensure the deign works on a wide variety of hardware and browsers. These include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Apple) and Android (Tablets and Mobiles).

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